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Let us help you take control of your financial destiny both during your working life and in retirement.

In this fast growing sector of the market, we offer specialist advice on retirement strategies, taxation and regulatory aspects of dealing with SMSFs and we can assist in building a plan that will meet your retirement needs. We have substantial experience and expertise and we can help people understand the requirements of managing and controlling their own destiny in retirement.

What is an SMSF?

This is a structure to provide retirement benefits where you and your partner can be the only trustees and members of a fund and where you can access substantial tax advantages. The arrangements can be implemented to suit your personal needs and circumstances. We can advise you on what is best for you.
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Why have an SMSF?

An SMSF enables you to take control of your retirement funds to the extent that suits you. You can ensure that all decisions regarding investments are authorised by you and can have much greater flexibility in your affairs. It is often a more cost effective structure than other options available and has become very popular in recent years. Read More >

Retirement Planning

In retirement, an SMSF can be conducted with a zero (and many cases negative) tax rate. You can determine the regularity of pension drawdowns (they can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or whatever you choose) and you can change the arrangements very quickly if you wish. The flexibility with pensions is very attractive, compared to the slow moving bureaucracies often encountered in institutional funds. We can provide specific advice to suit you.
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SMSF during working life

When you are working, your SMSF earns income from investments at a tax rate of 15% or less. The main advantage in this phase is control over asset allocations (cash, shares, property)
and precisely what investments you wish to have. When you reach preservation age (55 years for those born before 30 June 1960), you can move your SMSF into pension phase even though you are still working. This is appropriate in some circumstances, but we can advise you on what is most advantageous for you.
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SMSF and pensions

When an SMSF goes into pension mode, the income tax rate (including Capital Gains Tax) reduces to zero. The pension can be taxable either fully or in part to the member, but after the member reaches 60 years of age, the pension is tax free. We have a licence to provide advice on when to commence a pension, the type of pension that is most appropriate and other critical factors in achieving these very attractive levels of taxation. Ask us about what you need to do.
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Estate planning

Because many people have in recent years increased the proportion of their assets in superannuation, estate planning for superannuation entitlements has assumed greater importance. With an SMSF you can control where your superannuation goes. Often Binding death benefit nominations can mean that your superannuation is dealt with outside your will. An effective nomination is very difficult to challenge. We can work with your lawyers to ensure that your objectives are met.
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Wealth management

An SMSF enables you to have control over all of your superannuation to the extent that you want. Some people wish to invest all funds themselves, whilst others prefer to engage experts to assist in some or all of their investments. An SMSF can be suitable no matter what you want. You can dictate the terms of your arrangements and even your investment philosophy. We can provide you with our expert advice.
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Costs of an SMSF

Establishment costs are usually low and ongoing compliance costs are often much less than other options available. We use very effective software that includes automatic downloads from most banks and investment platforms, so compliance work can be done very efficiently. We can provide you with expert advice and assistance.
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